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Last name, single name, company

Enter a last name, a single name or a company name. Avoid company suffixes such as AG, SA and special characters.


Enter business category(Industry). For business category queries, the category should be entered as completely as possible (e.g. "garage"). Business categories must always be entered in singular form, not plural.

Private, Business

You may refine your search by differentiating between private and business listings. Select both options in order to search all directories.

First name

Enter firstname.


Enter profession.

Similar spelling

Deactivate the Similar Spelling option in order to search only for listings with the exact spelling used in your query (e.g., Meier = Meier). If the Similar Spelling option is activated, similar-sounding names will also be included in the query (e.g., Meier = Meier, Maier, Meyer, Mayer, etc.).


Enter the name of the street.If you do not know the name of the subscriber you are looking for, simply enter the location and the street. Street names should always be abbreviated(e.g., Hauptstr., rather than Hauptstrasse).Some of the street name listings in the ETV database are abbreviated.Therefore, the system will not be able to find "Hauptstrasse" if the database lists it as "Hauptstr.".


Enter the location, the postal code or the canton. If possible and necessary, you can indicate the canton along with the town (e.g., Wil SG) for added precision.It is also possible to enter the postal code, rather than the location. For cities with several postal codes (e.g., 3050 Bern), enter the overall postal code for that city (e.g., 3000 Bern).

Search by service

Enter the phone, fax or mobile number or an e-mail or URL address.

Address export

The address export function allows you to collect the addresses you wish to export. To do so, highlight the addresses to export in the search results and click on the "Export" option. The addresses are collected in the export list. You may now search for and add additional addresses or save the export list in a txt. file by clicking on "Export" in the address export section.